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Who Dominates Social Media

Population 2014·06·16

  • China: 1,393,604,721
  • India: 1,266,968,016
  • USA: 322,530,451
  • Indonesia: 252,769,549
  • Brazil: 201,989,248
  • Pakistan: 185,043,651
  • Nigeria: 178,243,502
  • Bangladesh: 158,386,365
  • Russia: 142,541,956
  • Japan: 127,041,165
  • World: 7,237,390,366
I had a moment when I tried to read the bottom number. This is not anywhere in my daily vocabulary. It would be if you were someone like Donald Trump. Statistically, there are more women on the planet, and yes, they are dominant on the internet.  Quoting all the poles combined, about 10% more than men.  The ladies have it. Except for Linkedin.  No fru fru on that network. Stick to the facts and go forth.For all the men, I put up the stats. Men love stats, ladies like visuals.  Take this wherever you want. An interesting report comes out of Reuters. The government uses all kinds of things from your internet information. The FBI, CIA and many government agencies such as Interpol have spied on an infinite amount of people to convict criminals. As you reveal something on the internet…beware. The bottom line…should you cater just to the women? My answer is no. Everyone is your target audience no matter what sex or creed. We have become the global village. 
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