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Start Your Engines

Ruth Marvin CEO of Marvin Website Design gave me the challenge to be her blog writer. There were so many decisions that had to be made and after intense research on the internet, we learned that you can hire a blog writer for $12.95. He or she will give you about 300 words for each blog. We thought maybe our time was worth hiring somebody for 13 bucks, so our company could do something better and more valuable.  As CEO of the company I wanted to show my personality through my blog and hiring someone in house that would represent my company. Karen -Lee Simpson took up the challenge. She is a former entrepreneur of three successful businesses and has a talent for writing.

When we started brainstorming, I started to hear questions in my mind like;
Why am I doing this type of work?
What is it that you want to get out of writing a blog?
Do you want someone to write a blog that is going to contain buzz words and phrases that float through the internet being used repetitively until they become stale?
Are you going to faithfully read every comment that you get?
Why do people return comments?

For Ruth, the answer to every single one of those questions was “I want to have a personal relationship with my customers. I want to use my creative design talents to benefit others”.

There is an old saying “write about what you know.” This is what we know:

Ruth stated “we have all learned an entirely new language over the past 20 years. Widgets, sliders, search engine optimization, lol, banners, Google,  Bing, Tweet, and social media. That list doesn’t even touch the amount of new language that has infiltrated our lives”. So what’s this all about anyway? We are reaching out one to another in a new way – an entirely new culture has been born.

No longer can businesses slide by with inferior products and services. The Internet in real time is holding all of us accountable. When people are displeased it goes on the Internet like rapid fire. When they find a winner that goes out as well. There are  websites you can go to like Angie’s List who will give you a rating instantly.  Doctors and lawyers are no exception; just look at the evening news.

Our goal at Marvin Website design is to provide quality. Marvin Website Design has a mission to prove integrity. Our purpose is to build a community of like minded people. People I can seriously build relationships with while doing  business together. Onward!

Let’s have some fun now.

Start your engines!

Google,  Yahoo, Tweet and Bing
Let us make your website sing
Add some  widgets here and there
Graphic design for extra flair
Sliders let you whiz through space
Fast or slow you will keep pace
Call today – don’t delay
We are just a click away 
Toll Free: 888-508-1399

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