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Powerful Women Designers

About a year ago I went to a craft fair. One of my friends decided to go into business selling candles of sorts. The entire day turned into an amazing event opening my eyes wide. They were all women. They carried their wares in on carts, wagons and luggage carriers. Everything was on wheels. 

I looked at everything with a discerning eye. I talked with many of the women and asked “is this how you make a living”?  Many of the women there were entrepreneur and making a generous living.  Most of what I saw was beautifully done. Only a few of the booths had inferior products. The women stated that thousands of women choose to buy their products not only for the quality but simply because they are women. 

When the doors opened the sales started coming. The women had this little gadget. Called Square Reader. The buyer handed over her debit card, and the seller swiped it on her cell phone. I said to myself “boy am I out of date”.  This little event led me to do some research on small businesses run by women. Another eye opener is this: women in the United States generate more than 1.3 trillion yes trillion dollars to this economy. I think I am grateful toAmerican Express who keeps track of this stuff. That is a staggering amount of pink Cadillac’s. Do you know who drives the pink Cadillac’s? Mary Kay consultants. 

I must admit I had some misgivings about the competitiveness. I was completely wrong. Almost every one of those women offered me information, telephone numbers, home email addresses and encouraged me in any way that if I needed help they would be available. Share the wealth. 

No offense intended to the gentlemen. There certainly is enough to go around. I am simply encouraged with 8.6 million companies now being headed up by women. Ruth Marvin ofMarvin Website Design is one of them.  Ruth brings a solid leadership track record and has served on various management teams in marketing & sales roles. Ruth began her professional career as an accomplished entrepreneur and has since leveraged a myriad of successful opportunities including Marvin Website Design. All of Ruth’s experience is backed with a solid academic foundation.

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