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What’s The Deal With Social Media And Why Is It So Important to Businesses?

About a decade ago, the term social media had not even come into use, but today, it is difficult to avoid it. Social media is mentioned on the news everyday, social media companies are launching some of the biggest IPOs in history, people are fighting employers who try to restrict access to social media at work and those same employers are often turning to social media to interact with their clients. What’s the deal with social media and why is it so important to businesses?

Social media is fast becoming the new customer relationship manager tool. Using social media, you can share links to interesting articles, photos of your latest events. You stay on your customer’s radar without it seeming manufactured. This can be great for launching customer loyalty and reward schemes and can be used to help achieve every businesses three main goals; Increase customer base, high purchase frequency and connecting with your client.

Do you know 48% of content shared on Twitter is deals and offers? Social media gives people a chance to share your offers with others that they think might be interested.

Facebook was launched in 2004 and now has 900 million active users. Its IPO is the stock market event of 2012. When people post a link to a company, product or website they like, the result can mean millions of visitors.

Linkedin is a social networking site for professionals and it was launched in 2003. It grew steadily, but growth really took off in 2011, where the number of visitors increased more than 60 percent over the previous year. It now has over 150 million registered users who trade career information, job opportunities,  and network.

Social media can drive enormous amounts of traffic to a website (and traffic equals customers), it can do wonders for brand awareness and it encourages interaction with customers that often provides valuable feedback and product ideas.

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