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Where Does Your Design Come From

Have you ever heard of a fractal?  Benoit Mandelbrot was a Polish-born, French and American mathematician, noted for developing a “theory of  roughness” in nature and the field of fractal geometry to help prove it, which included coining the word “fractal”. Wikepedia

I love Youtube. One of the new addictions is called rabbit trailing. It seems once I get on the internet, I can go off on a tangent and completely lose sight of what I was looking for in the first place. Rabbit trailing.

Upon awakening the other day, I was thinking about Benoit. Many years ago a gentleman from Arizona sent me a beautiful lithograph of something called a fractal (thank you Rollo Silver).  Clueless – I started learning about geometry which was my worst subject in school. The lithograph was a math equation. Yes. And it looked just like a starfish.  Benoit put in various math equations into a computer and out came dozens of colors and shapes that had been known to man for centuries. One of the fractals looked exactly like a Fleur de lis pattern which the French invented centuries ago. They made a lot of wallpaper with that design, drapes, you name it. Another famous one is the Nautilus shell.

You are asking yourself, which rabbit trail is she on now?

Here is the awesome point of this blogDesign is in our DNA. It is out there. What we think we invent in our minds, what comes from our soul, through our pens, pencils, brushes and evening gowns, has been in the universe forever waiting for us to find it, tap into it, try exhaustively to figure it out. Vast amounts of shapes and colors floating around within our sub-consciousness are just waiting to explode in the right medium. Your business is a reflection of something deep inside of you, whether you are a carpenter or a dress designer.

Some people listen to the voice. Me? I can only draw stick people. Working side by side with Ruth showed me how design is born in her mind. As Ruth created a logo she stated that once she gathers information from her client she gets a feel for the vision of each customer. Having such an extensive back ground in marketing and sales has heightened her interpersonal skills with people. Marvin Website Design gives me an opportunity to explore how design is brought into an art form in real life. Once in awhile I can write a blog, but Ruth has authentic talent in the area of design creation. She listens to the voice of the universe. 

Tap into her creativity and contact us today. Website:
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If you would like to see a fractal here one of  the links:

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