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Passion And Imagination-6 And Rising

Once upon a time there was a famous investors club in New England. New entrepreneurswere clamoring to get in to see the chief investor. I used to be a small part of that team, in an underworld sense. I read every proposal that came through the office. To say I learned a lot was an understatement. Oftentimes a job won’t pay much but the educational benefits are invaluable.

Things I learned but are not limited to:

1. Never invest in some company who has a nothing in their front office. Yes, why you say…what on earth has that got to do with anything? The answer is this: NO PASSION. No thought was taken as to how a potential customer would view this up and coming company. If there is no imagination present, dump them. Reprints of art purchased at Wal-Mart are a good example of no imagination. If you see that, run.

2. Flash in the pan investing doesn’t last. If you invested in something like Salada Tea, you know it is going to be around for quite some time. Nickel and dime investment works. The thing is, you need many of them.

3.   Sell yourself. No one else will.

4. Integrity is everything. Be honest, kind, pleasant and        hardworking

5.  Although imagination is limitless, the human body does have limits. You must know yours.

6.   My front page of my website is my front office.

My dream back in the day was to be an auto mechanic. The reality was I was too short and had small physical strength. In all my lifetime I only knew one woman who was an auto mechanic. Coincidentally, she has the same name. She drives a yellow 1965 Chevy Chevelle and a black and white 1953 T-Bird. Mmmmm.

Years ago when I had my first business, I believe the term was I ate, slept and drank the business. I don’t think much has changed except the technology at hand makes the tasks easier. There are no regrets that I left owning my own business to work for someone else because what I learned, I took with me. Education is never a waste.

We all know that there are no magic formulas for anything. There are always options in every situation. We can give out numerous bites of wisdom but it definitely rests on you, your creativity, instincts and diligence.

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