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MIT & Market Basket The Prophecy Comes True

Excerpts from the blog 8/6/14 entitled “Did I Put All My Eggs In One Market Basket?”

Former shoppers at the chain have refused to enter the Market Basket stores (72 in number) in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. I have interviewed many employees and shoppers in other stores. I believe I am not supposed to name them so I can call them the big WM, the lesser H and the national chain S. We have some links at the end of this rather long blog in case you are REALLY committed to growing your particular business, or if you would like lessons on how to ruin a 46 billion dollar industry in one decision.

I truly believe that this case history will be a study in every MBA program from now on in the college of your choice. Another historical event. 

And so it begins. MIT hits it first.

This was just posted on Facebook September 24, 2014 from the Save Market Basket Facebook site:

Save Market Basket

If you had gone to the MIT event tomorrow night please let us know by replying here. If you’re a customer please say so and understand that we appreciate your taking the time to attend. It should be an exciting night as the worlds of business and academia feel there is much to learn from our experiences this past year and a half.

I have to wonder about all the things that transpired behind those locked doors involving how many lawyers? None of us will ever know what took place in those closed door meetings. For my conspiracy fans who are skeptical – did the CEO’s of the Demoulas clan plot and plan all this or did it just fall that way?