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Rules Of Engagement

This blog may shake up some people.
 What are the rules of engagement? There seem to be some unwritten rules when it comes to business. One of my pet peeves is the ISO. For those who are not familiar with it, the ISO is the International Organization for Standardization. Many will argue this organization brings just that: standardized health, products, methods of raising food etc. so what’s wrong with that? I believe this stifles creativity and innovation.

What has this got to do with business? We must encourage individualism. We must encourage new companies to get their ideas and products to market. Websites are one avenue to accomplish this in real time. Marvin Website Design will help your business get the word out  with  numerous  social  medias such as Linkedin, Facebook, Bing, Google, Yahoo  and many more. We offer a variety of  packages to suit your individual needs in this competitive global economy.

After all, is Apple standardized?

Are smart phones, IPods, computers, sewing machines, websites standardized?

Let’s face it. There are millions of millionaires! How did they acquire wealth? Hard work and  vision. Innovation is something in which there is no formula.  Ideas spring into life and one must give birth to them, nurturing those ideas until they mature. It is a process. So you get an idea. Ask yourself this…

Do I want to be remembered in this life as a ruthless, driven uncaring person? Or do I want my vision to be something that can benefit others while I make money?

Back to the rules. About a month ago, a young man I know went for a job interview for a part time position at Amazon.  He had little experience at age 21. There were 100 people lined up for six positions. This young man arrived 1/2 hour early for his interview. As he sat in the waiting room, the interviewer commented that he was too early for his appointment. The kid replied “I work hard and I want the job”. He got hired on the spot. No one read his resume.

What does this tell us?
1. willingness to work hard is crucial
2. initiative – equally important
3. planning is vital (after all, he had to plan out to be early)
4. vision (he believed he would gain the job if he went early)
5. do your very best
6. be brave – new ideas scare people
7. reputation is key

I saved the best for last. Bad reputation = no business
That simple illustration says a  lot about how we do business, how others react, and our expectations. 

Mission Statement
Marvin Website Design exists to create professional/affordable design. The commitment is to create appealing websites which will convert new customers from concept to implementation. Trained staff works one on one with each customer clarifying goals. State of the art technology and content necessary for building custom sites is used which best represent business brands. Provision is made for the functionality required not only to meet, but surpass internet marketing  goals. 

Life is short. Do something you love.  Marvin Website Design we love creativity, design and working with people.
P.S. the young man eventually got hired at a much better company

Karen-Lee Simpson 2/25/14

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