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Marvin Website Design LLC

The Design Process

Our Design Process

Domain & Hosting Choice of Template Content & Text
Choice of Pages Feature Options Content & Images

We Can Help You Understand The Design Process

How It Work's

Design Process
Whether you are looking for an expressive, artistic or a modern, corporate looking website, the goal is to have YOUR website mirror YOUR BUSINESS. Marvin Website design works with you to help you create your website.

Setting Up Your Domain & Hosting Accounts
 Marvin Website Design will purchased the domain name and domain privacy. 
You will have complete legal ownership of these accounts.

Choice of Pages
The pages create the structure of your website.  Once the pages you need are decided upon, a natural “To Do” list is created as content must then be created for each page.  This is a great way to help you organize the layout of your website.

Content / Text
Once the visual impact of your website is created with your images and style, we will have plenty of inspiration to tackle the job of creating the textual content of your website.  Such things as an overview of your business, list of services, product descriptions and details. All your content is emailed to me and I do the work of artistically formatting the content on your pages.

Images are very powerful on the web.  Images are so powerful that they are one of the biggest secrets to creating a fabulous and effective website.  It is very important to have complete legal ownership of the licenses to your images, so all images must be royalty free images.

Feature Options
The features of your website include both the Functional Features and the Stylistic Features. Functional Features would include such things as a Contact Us form and a location map. Stylistic Features would include such things as a flashy header/slider, video pop-up boxes and more. Stylistic Features are a great addition to make your website more impressive and unique and help your business stand out from the crowd!

Marvin Website Design

Marvin Website Design looks forward to working one on one with you. Please feel free to call or email with any questions.

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