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Graphic Design

Scalable Vector Files, or SVG’s, are becoming increasingly popular today, especially for the Logo design of professional business cards and company letterheads.  An SVG usage becomes significantly more flexible than the more traditional form of raster images because they can be easily resized, skewed, edited, and cropped for other uses as well, such as newsletters, business correspondences, website creation, and even in industries such as t-shirt design and product marketing.

PDF usage and SVG Files

Think about it.  Your Logo design is your identity.  An image that is not crisp and clear on your business cards will subliminally send a message to your potential clients that your company is less than professional and lacks attention to detail.  Most of your marketing materials will be created in a software program that results in a pdf format eventually.  You will want the professional logo to be adjustable to fit into any uniquely sized document without decreasing the quality of the image.

Examples of Marketing Materials

SVG usage of your Logo design will come in handy for everything from advertisements, to online promotional offerings, Business cards, calendars, and perhaps marketing posters of various sizes.  You might even use the logo on everything from ink pens to coffee mugs.  Poster designs, for example, require huge images, and the old raster images become a massive blur when they are scaled to such large sizes.  SVG’s do not. These are great tips. Use the best tools available.

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