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Benefits Of Having a Responsive Website

We live in a world where response time is almost instantaneous. We dial 911 and within minutes help arrives. People expect fast response time. Even our microwaves don’t seem to be fast enough right now.

Websites need to keep up with the pace. One cannot go anywhere not seeing someone connected to a device in their ear tablet or laptop

All business is ambulatory. Businesses are conducted 24/7 globally. E-commerce spending will hit ?
$262 billion dollars this year. According to Gartner, Smartphone users will exceed 1.82 billion, and that number is rising every year.

Is response time an important issue on a website? Every potential customer will be using a different device. The importance of resizing your website to fit each one is key. This will allow each customer to have a pleasant and crisp viewing experience. Remember everything is global. Businesses do not sleep.

Many customers will tend to judge your business based on the responsiveness of your sites. This can represent a reason for other to think of you as a professional company or one, which is just starting out regardless of the information and the services that you offer.

Today’s customers are smart, savvy and informed. Resized and responsive web sites create sales. Your marketing strategy can deliver more than improved engagement, increased page views, and sales. Responsive websites will also help with SEO. Google prefers responsive web design According to Google 67% more likely to buy a product or purchase your service on a mobile device.

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