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APP CrAzy- Facebook APPS I Love


Facebook users can choose and select applications from a wide range of thousands of different kinds of applications and install them on their profile pages. Most of the Facebook applications are very creative and fun to use. We have become social media gurus just loving the easiness of use. Clicking and tapping away is a new favorite pastime. Users of Facebook know very well that Facebook is a social networking site but it provides users with a lot more than just networking. These Facebook applications give enjoyment to the users. I believe since their first inception, applications have become much more simplified. There are educational, entertainment and just plain fun apps, which include playing online games.

I recently found a feather from a teal and yellow parrot. I placed it on my kitchen shelf. Sometime later, I told my friend that I had found this feather on the ground of our local super market. She said “Oh, that feather belongs to Carla Rae’s bird, she gives them out to kids”. The two year old grandchild came to visit a few weeks later. I showed him the feather. He was clueless. I then went onto my Facebook, found Carla and her parrot. Not only that but I found a  link to YouTube with  the world’s most notable talking parrot. The lesson was fun, and educational.  (He can say 206 words) not the grandchild, the parrot.

There are applications for enhancing your profiles and many other thousands of different applications available for different people having different tastes and interests. I am listing some of the applications I find very interesting. You can also install them add them into your profile and enjoy using them and make your Facebook experience even more exciting.

This very useful Facebook application facilitates its users and helps them meet new business contacts, clients or at times possible prospective employers.

This application doesn’t only help its users in their job search but it also offers them entire career networking.


The application enables its users to build and manage a virtual bookshelf on their Facebook profile, which features books that they have and want to read. Users are allowed to browse their friends’ bookshelf as well and go through their collections.


Remembering all the birth dates of your friends and your family isn’t it at times so difficult but yet it is quite important. This explicit application would help you solve this problem if you are bad with remembering birth dates.

Offers free apps including Youtube, Pinterest or Twitter amenities, helps you create coupons, social media partner programs and surveys.

Free and paid services. PageModo lets you drag and drop, create a professional FB page, launch photos or a professional design. You can get some great contact forms, sweepstakes and if you want to take a pole, visit their website .


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