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7 Marks Of A Social Media Expert

We need social media experts for these ever increasing internet marketing strategies. Business is fluctuating: rising and falling minute by minute. We can help leverage this fluctuation by engaging our experts. How do we choose a social media expert? Here is a partial list of what to look for in a person or company:

  • Exhibits strong technical skills – if the person’s information is unorganized so are they. Look for organization
  •  Evidence of strong computer skills
  • Understanding of SEO and web navigation- all sites should be easy to navigate
  • Strong people skills -I like to speak to people in person. I want someone who can engage me
  • Industry understanding  
  • Possess important updated information on the business world  – we must be current
  • Creative brilliance includes but is not limited to: timing on all aspects of posting, updating page descriptions, when is a new post needed, and quick action

Anyone can access information on the web. The ability to create what you want out of that information is what we are all looking for. I have known a few people who have come up with brilliant ideas but were unable to expedite the idea into a real time product due to lack or limited knowledge of how to accomplish it. When faced with that dilemma, seek help from an expert.


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