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10 Tips On How To Choose A Web Designer

1.   Quality – Check out the quality of the designer’s website. Is it clean, concise, attractive?

2.   Cost – Inexpensive does not deliver – cheap is exactly what the definition is – cheap.

3.   Work directly with the designer.  Working exclusively through email is never a good
idea. Make one on one contact via phone. When an agreement is reached, write down the specifics and verify.

4.   Review some samples of their work; (most will exhibit a sample on their site). ​

5.   Choose a responsible designer.

6.   Provide some compromise. No two people think exactly alike. Allow for some of his/her creativity to come through.

7.   Ask questions – have a list ready when you make contact.

8.   Browse different designers. It is the same when choosing furniture; differences occur.

9.   Make sure it fits your product. Don’t choose seascape motif if you live in Arizona.

10.  Choose a web designer within your time zone. You want to be awake at the same time.

Remember, a good designer will assist you in all these areas. Choose wisely for a result oriented advantage.

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